Data science plays a central role in all fields of life science today due to increasingly more powerful high-throughput methods such as mass spectrometry or next generation sequencing as well as by many new technologies that are developed. The respective experiments may produce big data as well as various kinds of new data that can only be handled and analyzed by specifically developed bioinformatics as well as biostatistical and machine learning methods. We have a long lasting experience in developing, implementing and applying such methods where robust statistical procedures that are not sensitive to outliers or deviations from assumed models are one of our main research focus.

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  • useR! 2021

    On July 5 – 7 we had the chance to participate in the very interesting useR conference. Due to the corona pandemic, the conference was held entirely online, but that didn’t stop hundreds of people from all over the world from attending and connecting. It was a great experience and we were able to share… Continue reading useR! 2021

  • R package distr

    Just setting up everything. Details will follow soon …